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Question for you: Have you noticed that people’s ability to spell words correctly is getting worse?

We have. We’re receiving more emails from pet owners to vets that are full of misspellings, punctuation errors and incomplete sentences, almost on a daily basis.

They often look something like this (we received these today):

“My grandmother has a chow and he is about 12 he is very difficult to have groomed is there something we can give him to keep him came? Also he is now walking

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I read today that this week, September 17-25, 2011, has been designated Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet week by I read this tonight, after returning from an errand where I visited a home I’d not been to before. I didn’t know the woman who lived there, and when she opened the door this smallish woman had next to her a great big pit bull mix.

If you aren’t familiar with my views on dang

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We all know the need to keep medication out of the reach of children. Now there’s a report out that the number one call to pet poison hot lines is pets ingesting human medications.

And its the third year in row that this has been the case.

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In an article written earlier this year, WebMd’s Daniel DeNoon writes about a new report that sleeping with your pet’s may be as dangerous as having bed bugs!

While I’ve had pets around me, and sometimes sleeping in our bed my whole life (pets sleeping with me doesn’t last long because I’m a notoriously restless sleeper and my pets voluntarily choose to sleep elsewhere), this report is concerning.
“Bubonic Plague
Humans get bubonic plague from fleas. Chomel and Sun recount various cases of

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