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Vet’s view: 10 most common complaints

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One of our most popular directories at is our House Call Directory.

Some reasons?

More pet owners are hearing about house calls and want them
Home euthanasia is becoming increasingly popular
Older pet owners can’t easily get their pets to their vets and prefer the vet to come to them.
Some pets don’t do as well in a strange environment either because of temperament or age.
Some pet owners just prefer the convenience of house calls vs. the hassle of taking their

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I just returned from a week’s trip to California, part business and part family. While I was there I had lunch with a family member who happens to be married to a successful chiropractor. He’s been in business for 20+ years in an affluent area of Southern California and every year I’ve known him, his practice has grown. He’s a pretty terrific guy, is a well-known figure in his town and

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