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Happy Thanksgiving from

This morning I got up a few minutes later than normal and walked slowly downstairs to be greeted by 3 sets of anxious eyes and dancing paws.


I’ll bet you’ve had similar scenes in your house too.

And as I began the morning ritual of gathering up the food bowls and preparing the morning special pet food mix, the dancing and love flinging in my

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I have an 8 year rottweiler with kidney disease – diagnosed about 6 weeks ago. He is taking Azydol and Rubenal. He was prescribed Hills Science Dog Food/KD. He is refusing to eat the dog food. I have found some recipies for making food for him myself, but most have too much protein in them. First of all, is there anything I can put over/mix with the KD food to make it more appealing to him? Do you have a recipe for food I can make myself? Thanks for your help.


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I have a 10 year old dachshund and has always been very healthy. All of a sudden he has gained a lot of weight, he seems to be going blind, and today we noticed a small lump on his neck. It seems to be somewhat hard and jagged. He is acting mostly normal except a little slow since his sight is going. Both my wife and I recently lost our jobs so we cant afford expensive vet bills so we have been putting off taking him to the vet but the small lump we found today made us worry.


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