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We live in an area of the country where people decorate for Halloween as much as they do for Christmas, and that is a LOT of lights and sounds and goings on. And we happen to live in a neighborhood where there is a lot of trick or treating visitors – hundreds of children knock on our door each year. It is fun for us, and for them, but it’s not fun for our pets.

Here’s our annual reminder to be good to your pets and keep them safe during this very scary time of yea

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This is Nemo, one of our VetLocator office mascots whose job it is to brighten our days, be our spokes cat and keep the place free of any and all creepie crawlies.

He fulfills his duties faithfully and in exchange we keep his food bowl filled twice a day, keep him healthy, and he gets lots and lots of attention and love.

But there are some days when he fixes us with his big yellow cat eyes and I know he is trying to talk, to tell us what’s on his mind at that particular moment.

Does tha

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Premium Listings. Whether you have one with us or not, the following information is useful…

A premium listing with is more than just a pretty entry in our directory. Besides
being easy for customers to find you and contact you, did you know that you can use your listing in other ways?

Here are just a few of the other uses you can use a premium listing for:

Dominate search engine results – Your listing has its own unique address and that gets submitted

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